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Glenfiddich 18 vs Macallan 18: Head to Head!

Discover the differences between Glenfiddich 18 vs Macallan 18 in this in-depth comparison and decide which Single Malt is is better for You!

Glenfiddich 18

NoseApple, citrus, cinnamon, oak
PalateNuts, ripe fruit, honey, baking spice
FinishShort, sherry, oak
Alcohol content86 proof (43% ABV)
How to drinkNeat
Similar toGlenlivet 18, Chivas Regal 18

Glenfiddich 18 smells like apple juice at first, followed by hints of citrus, cinnamon and oak.

On the palate is rich in fruity sweetness, with a completely inoffensive mouthfeel, a hint of roasted apple and honey.

The finish is quite easy although a bit too short and dry with a faint oaky note and a touch of sherry.

This Scotch accomplished a good balance of barrel wood and sweetness that sometimes gets lost when a whisky is aged for this long.

There is nothing neither remarkable nor off-putting, this is a smooth and sweet sherried whisky aged in Oloroso Sherry Casks and bourbon barrels free of controversies.

The Glenfiddich 18 has no alcohol burn, smoke, peat, or any complicated note making a good choice for those in the mood for a sweet and easy dram and are not willing to break the bank.

There are a few facts worth knowing about the Glen 18:

  • Gold at the 2014 International Wine & Spirits Competition.
  • Glenfiddich has been in business since Christmas Day 1887 when William Grant founded the distillery.
  • Glenfiddich is the best-selling single malt across the globe.
  • This brand is owned by William Grant & Sons who also owns Balvenie, Tullamore D.E.W., Monkey Shoulder among several others.

Macallan 18 Double Cask

macallan-18 double-cask
NoseDried fruit, nuts, orange, ginger
PalateSherry, honey, vanilla, oak
FinishMedium, oak, sherry
Alcohol content86 proof (43% ABV)
How to drinkNeat
Similar toHighland Park 18, Oban 18

Macallan is a Speyside whisky. This region in northeastern Scotland is renowned for its smooth and fruity whiskies typically aged in sherry casks.

The nose is beautiful, full of dried fruit, roasted nuts, orange and a tad of ginger.

On the palate, Macallan 18 offers a good mouthfeel as it has a good texture. Flavor is full of sherry and honey at first, followed by vanilla and pleasant oak.

The finish is moderately long, with oak to it and more sherry and just a pleasant warming note coming late to the party.

Macallan 18 is a super smooth and yet complex malt with lots of depth. Flavor is full of sherry product of the aging in sherry casks, but well balanced against oak and vanilla flavors.

It has a creamy body and a soft mouthfeel, with no harshness or alcohol burn making it incredibly easy to sip.

This is a whisky to drink neat as it does not have any off-putting note, such as peat, smoke, medicinal notes or any complicated flavor; this is just a smooth sherried Scotch that goes down nicely.

Overall, the Macallan 18 is a smooth and tasty malt rich in sherry notes and extremely smooth at a price point that demands you to put a mortgage on your home.

There are a few facts worth knowing about the Macallan 18:

  • Aged for 18 years in both American and European sherry seasoned oak casks.
  • The Macallan Distillery was founded in 1824 and is located in Moray, Scotland.

Glenfiddich 18 vs Macallan 18: Price comparison

Price are approximate and stated in USD:

Glenfiddich 18$100
Macallan 18$410

Glenfiddich 18 vs Macallan 18: Which is better?

Macallan is a far more complex and satisfying dram

WhiskyGlenfiddich 18Macallan 18
  • Macallan 18 is good, incredibly satisfying, while providing bragging rights. Is it good enough to justify the price tag? If you are made and having a great time go for it and enjoy a heck of a dram, although I still prefer the Macallan Rare Cask.

  • If you are a normal human being with a constrained wallet look into whiskies like the Glenallachie or GlenDronach which are just as good an come at a fraction of the price.
  • The Glenfiddich 18 is just good, an easy drinking “simple vanilla” sherried whisky with nothing memorable or off-putting.

  • It looks like a bargain when compared to the Macallan 18 but it is not when compared to the Glenallachie or GlenDronach which are more affordable and immensely better.

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