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Old Tub vs Wild Turkey 101: Head to Head!

Discover the differences between Old Tub vs Wild Turkey 101 in this in-depth comparison and decide which Bourbon is better for You!

Old Tub Kentucky Straight Bourbon

  • Nose: Cinnamon, caramel, vanilla.
  • Palate: Baking spice, oak, brown sugar, roasted peanuts.
  • Finish: Rye spice, oak.

The nose hits with cinnamon at first, followed by caramel and vanilla. Very little ethanol for a 100 proof bourbon, though.

On the palate, the Old Tub has a creamy texture providing a nice texture. First sip is high in baking spice and rye spice, transitioning to oak and brown sugar, along the typical roasted peanut note of the whiskeys crafted at the Jim Beam Distillery.

The finish brings rye spice and oak, with very little warmth making an easy yet tasty bourbon.

The Old Tub is a “baby Knob Creek” (both made by Jim Beam) as they have many tasting notes in common; these bourbons use the same mash and are bottled at 100 proof.

The difference is that the Old Tub is aged for 4 years while the Knob Creek for 9 providing more oak to the KC while making it less spicy.

Another major distinction about the Old Tub is that it uses a sour mash, meaning distillers used part of the fermented “mash” from the previous batch to create the new batch. 

The sour mash process helps distillers maintain consistent flavors in their future batches.

And finally, this whiskey has not been chill-filtered and is bottled in bond making it quite unique.

Old Tub is a pleasant drinker that you can enjoy neat or over ice and its price allows for experimentation when in the mood for cocktails.

In summary, this is good tasting bourbon at an attractive price providing good value for the money!

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There are a few facts worth knowing about the Old Tub:

  • Bottled at 100 proof.

  • Bottled in Bond (aged for 4 years).

  • Non chill-filtered.

  • Uses a sour mash.

  • Made from a mash bill comprised of 75% corn, 13% rye, 12% malted barley.

  • Crafted at the Jim Beam Distillery in Clermont, KY.

Wild Turkey 101

  • Nose: Oak, honey, caramel, vanilla.
  • Palate: Vanilla, brown sugar, baking spice, mint.
  • Finish: Long, fairly warm, charred oak, old leather.

On the nose the Wild Turkey 101 is sweet, with hints of honey, caramel and vanilla along a charred oak note.

It offers a nice mouthfeel as it has a buttery feel, a bit warm at first, giving way to vanilla, brown sugar, baking spice, hazelnuts and a light touch of mint.

The finish is medium to long, pleasantly warm, high in charred oak which is a common feature across every Wild Turkey’s bottle.

Wild Turkey 101 strikes a solid balance between oak spice, old leather and sweet notes, it is complex but yet easy to drink with quite a pleasant finish.

This is good tasty bourbon that gives a moderate yet pleasing burn; add a large ice ball if you want it go down easy.

The Wild Turkey 101 is one of the best bourbons in terms of value, it goes head to head with much pricier and elite bottles making it a no-brainer.

If you’ve tried the regular Wild Turkey Bourbon you are going to find the 101 to be a vast improvement.

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There are a few facts worth knowing about the Wild Turkey 101 Bourbon:

  • Bottled at 101 proof.

  • Wild Turkey’s mash bill is comprised of 75% corn, 13% rye and 12% barley.

  • This whiskey ages for no less than 5 years in heavily charred casks.

  • Wild Turkey uses non-GMOs to make whiskey.

  • Wild Turkey barrels its whiskey at a lower entry-proof, meaning the spirit is a lower proof as it comes off the still prior to maturing; that lower entry proof allows to more flavor from the grains.

  • The whiskey is pulled from the barrel at 109 proof before being proofed down a notch.

  • Earned a gold medal at the International Wine & Spirits Competition.

Old Tub vs Wild Turkey 101: Price comparison

Prices are approximate and stated in USD:

WhiskeyPriceBottle Size
Old Tub$25750ml
Wild Turkey 101$27750ml

Old Tub vs Wild Turkey 101: Which is better?

Both bourbons are remarkably smooth for the high proof

WhiskeyOld TubWild Turkey 101
  • These bourbons are very similar in taste with the only difference being Wild Turkey having a high charred oak note while the Old Tub being more spicy.

  • Both are smoother than what a 100 proof would suggest and provide great value for the money.

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