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Redbreast Lustau vs Redbreast PX: Head to Head!

Discover the differences between Redbreast Lustau vs Redbreast PX in this head to head comparison and decide which Irish Whiskey is better for You!

Redbreast Lustau

NoseDried figs, clove, black pepper
PalateSpice, nutty, apple
FinishLong, brown sugar, molasses, oak
Alcohol content92 proof (46% ABV)
How to drinkNeat, add water
Similar toMacallan Sherry Oak, Redbreast 12

Redbreast Lustau is a whiskey with no age statement, matured for around 9 to 12 years and finished for one year in first fill sherry butts which have been seasoned with oloroso sherry from the prestigious Bodegas Lustau in Jerez, Spain.

Oloroso is a fortified wine that often shows nutty aromas, combined with tasting notes of dried fruits, toasted hints, tobacco; this is something you should be drinking over dessert!

It’s also bottled at a higher proof (92 vs 80) that doesn’t feel and is a non chill-filtered whiskey.

The nose brings a strong hint of dried fig, along clove, black pepper and a tad of oak.

On the palate, Lustau feels as full bodied as every Redbreast release providing a good mouthfeel. The first sip brings a bit of spice that rapidly fades into nutty hints of almonds and walnuts, caramelized apple and fig.

The finish lingers with molasses and brown sugar sweetness with a spiced rum vibe to it making it quite good.

Redbreast Lustau delivers the goods, as Oloroso casks add some interesting notes making it sufficiently different to the Redbreast 12.

I would not say it’s better or worse than the traditional Redbreast 12. It’s different, more spicy, while preserving Redbreast’s signature smoothness and extremely enjoyable.

There are a few facts worth knowing about the Redbreast Lustau:

  • Awarded a Gold Medal at the Irish Single Pot Still Whiskeys 2016.
  • Named Master at the Irish Whiskey Masters 2021.

Redbreast PX

NoseToasted nuts, dried fruit, baking spice
PalateRipe fruit, chocolate, baking spice
FinishLong, ripe fruit, oak
Alcohol content92 proof (46% ABV)
How to drinkNeat

The PX is a single pot still, triple-distilled whiskey, aged in Bourbon and Oloroso casks and then finished in Pedro Ximenéz Hogsheads from the southern tip of Spain. 

Pedro Ximenez is a name used for naturally sweet dessert wines created with the grape variety with the same name.

This wine traditionally displays aromas and flavors of raisins, dates and dried figs, often combined with a spicy note and chocolate.

The nose is extremely good as it hits hard with toasted nuts at first, followed by dried fruit and baking spice.

On the palate, PX feels buttery and smooth. First sip brings ripe fruit up-front, giving way to chocolate, baking spice, a tad of oak and toasted almond.

The finish is long and pleasantly warm, leaving a fruity and oaky aftertaste.

No need to add water as it drinks beautifully as is. No harsh or off-putting notes making an entirely satisfying whiskey.

There is one fact worth knowing about Redbreast:

  • This brand is property of Pernod Ricard headquartered in Paris, France along other big brands such as Glenlivet and Chivas Regal.

Redbreast Lustau vs PX: Price comparison

Prices are approximate and stated in USD:

Redbreast Lustau$75
Redbreast PX$120

Redbreast Lustau vs Redbreast PX: Which is better?

Vote for Pedro

  • Lustau is good and well worth trying for a change for those who are fond of the regular Redbreast 12.
  • Pedro Ximenez is supremely good as those casks added great depth and super tasty notes while preserving the smoothness.
  • Full of chocolate, baking spice and toasted nuts making one of the best in its type.

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