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Buffalo Trace vs Uncle Nearest: Head to Head!

Discover the differences between Buffalo Trace vs Uncle Nearest in this head to head comparison and decide which whiskey is better for You!

Buffalo Trace

NoseCaramel, cinnamon, baking spice, cereal
PalateCaramel, vanilla, oak, espresso coffee, chocolate
FinishVanilla, baking spice, oak
Alcohol content90 proof (45% ABV)
How to drinkNeat, rocks
Similar toOld Forester 86, 1792, Bradshaw Bourbon

Buffalo Trace is one of the top-selling bourbons for two good reasons: it delivers a smooth yet tasty taste and is attractively priced delivering good value for the money.

On the nose the Buffalo Trace is very subtle with notes of caramel, vanilla and a touch of baking spice. 

Taste hits the spice a little harder, displays oak and fruit and the underlying sweetness is still there, a little caramel and vanilla goes a long way. Mouthfeel is soft and approachable, light on the heat.

The finish has a decent length, rich in vanilla and baking spice, although flavors don’t sit on the tongue for long but leave a refreshing sensation in the mouth.

The Buffalo Trace is a well-rounded bourbon, making a nice easy sipper with a medium to full body, soft with a chewy feel, fruity and oaky with a medium spicy finish.

Neither intense nor mind-blowing, but it gets the job done delivering a pleasant and satisfying bourbon.

Overall, Buffalo Trace is a good mid-shelf bourbon, a sipper that does not need neither water nor ice. Makes a solid option for an “everyday whiskey” but not the best mixer as it lacks the punch to deliver tasty cocktails.

There are a few facts worth knowing about Buffalo Trace:

  • Buffalo Trace is made from corn, rye and malted barley in undisclosed amounts.
  • Buffalo Traces uses a unique aging process of 8 years in which the barrels are stored in the middle floors of the warehouse where temperature fluctuations are the greatest; these variations get reflected in the bourbon creating deeper flavors.
  • 40 barrels at a time are chosen to create one single, small batch of Buffalo Trace.

Uncle Nearest 1856

NoseCaramel, roasted nuts
PalateCorn, pepper spice, vanilla, almond, oak
FinishCorn, nutmeg, caramel, oak
Alcohol content100 proof (50% ABV)
How to drinkAdd water
Similar toUncle Nearest 1884, Gentleman Jack

The nose brings caramel sweetness, along a nice roasted nuts hint making it quite alluring.

On the palate, Uncle Nearest has a decent body. Flavor hits you with some peppery spice up-front, yet becomes sweet as you let it develop.

Flavor brings notes of corn, vanilla, caramel and almond with just a bit of oak char bitterness.

The finish has a medium to long length, with an ashy/earthy note to it but is mostly sweet leaving a caramel aftertaste.

Uncle Nearest has some warmth, but nothing too severe. A drop or two of water is enough to tune the heat while releasing a bit more of caramel and oak making it more enjoyable.

This is a solid whiskey with a nice blend of peppery spice and sweet corn notes. This whiskey is not mind blowing but drinks nicely and has a cool backstory to share over drinks.

Uncle Nearest is named in honor of Nathan “Nearest” Green, a former slave who taught Jack Daniel how to distill.

There are a few facts worth knowing about the Uncle Nearest:

  • Mash bill is undisclosed.
  • According to the company’s website it is aged for around 7 years.
  • This whiskey is sourced from various distilleries in the state of Tennessee.
  • Uncle Nearest was launched in 2017 and is owned by Fawn Weaver.

Buffalo Trace vs Uncle Nearest: Price comparison

Prices are approximate and stated in USD:

Buffalo Trace$35
Uncle Nearest$60

Buffalo Trace vs Uncle Nearest: Which is Better?

Buffalo Trace is an easier whiskey than the Uncle Nearest

WhiskeyBuffalo TraceUncle Nearest
  • If you are exclusively looking for an easy daily sipper the Buffalo Trace might well be the best option in the market.
  • This is a nice tasting bourbon, with nothing off-putting, hence its popularity.
  • Uncle Nearest is a more demanding whiskey. It’s more tasty, has some warmth to it and hits you with pepper spice up-front but drinks quite nicely with a drop of water, making a better option when in the mood for something more punchy.

What’s the differences between Buffalo Trace and Uncle Nearest?

Buffalo Trace is a bourbon and Uncle Nearest a Tennessee Whiskey

A bourbon and a Tennessee whiskey have many things in common as being made mostly from corn but the main difference lies in the filtering process.

The Uncle Nearest in filtered using the Lincoln County Process. This process describes how the whiskey is filtered through sugar maple wood charcoal chips before going into casks for aging as a means to make it smoother.

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