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Chivas Regal vs Dewar’s: Head to Head!

Discover the differences between Chivas Regal vs Dewar’s in this head to head comparison and decide which Whisky is better for You!

Chivas Regal 12

NoseApple, vanilla, lemon curd
PalateApple, malt, oak, caramel, pepper
FinishShort, pepper
Alcohol content80 proof (40% ABV)
How to drinkHighball
Similar toBlack Label, Jack Daniel’s, Jameson

The nose is full of apple juice aroma, along notes of vanilla and lemon curd.

On the palate Chivas Regal is quite light with not much body, it has oak notes with a touch of caramel and hints of green apple, cinnamon and black pepper.

Finish is short and light with peppery notes and a bit of heat to it, but not harsh.

Nothing special or remarkable about the Chivas 12 but nothing terrible.

I would not drink it neat as I feel it somewhat peppery and bitter but it makes a decent dram to mix with soda making an enjoyable highball.

The taste is not bright, but everything that is needed from a Scotch whisky is present and its price makes it appealing.

Not the easiest whisky but in a highball it becomes quite competent.

There are a few facts worth knowing about the Chivas 12:

  • This whisky is a blend of grain and malt whiskies crafted in an undisclosed number of distilleries across Scotland. 
  • Each one of the whiskies in the blend was aged for at least 12 years before bottling.
  • The Chivas Regal brand belongs to Pernod Ricard from France, who also owns a zillion brands including Glenlivet.

Dewar’s White Label

NoseApple, peach, oak
PalateHoney, cereal, vanilla, smoke, oak
FinishCaramel, vanilla, oak spice
Alcohol content80 proof (40% ABV)
How to drinkAdd water
Similar toJack Daniel’s, Famous Grouse

Scotch whisky at this price level tend to be harsh and taste like nail polish but the Dewar’s White Label is surprisingly smooth, sweet and mellow.

The nose is subtle and pleasant bringing notes of apple, peach, a bit of barley and oak.

On the palate, the Dewar’s White Label is super smooth and sweet, with notes of honey and caramel at first, followed by vanilla, toasted barley, a bit of smoke and just a tad of oak.

The finish is short-lived, with very little to no warmth, leaving an aftertaste of caramel, vanilla and oak spice.

Dewar’s is a surprisingly smooth and sweet dram. “surprisingly” because whiskies at this price range tend to be not that good, TBH.

Now you know why Dewar’s is so popular in the United States where it is frequently used as a mixer to make cocktails and one of the best-selling in the United Kingdom.

If you want to improve the Dewar’s add a few drops of water and let rich floral notes emerge and make this whisky more enjoyable.

You can also drink it on the rocks and using it as a whisky to make mixed drinks is perfect as its price won’t make you feel guilty.

There are a few facts worth knowing about Dewar’s White Label:

  • This whisky is a blend of 40 malt and grain whiskies aged for six months in ex-bourbon and ex-sherry casks before bottling; those sherry casks add sweet notes to the spirits.
  • Dewar’s is an old Scotch whisky brand created in 1899 by its first master blender A.J. Cameron.
  • Bacardi owns Dewar’s. Bacardi is better known for those sweet Caribbean rums while also owning other brands like Grey Goose, Patron, Aberfeldy, Ilegal Mezcal, Del Maguey Mezcal among others.

What’s the difference between Chivas Regal and Dewar’s?

Age statement

Chivas is a blend of whiskies aged for at least 12 years while the Dewar’s is a blend of 40 whiskies with no minimum aging.

Chivas Regal vs Dewar’s: Price comparison

Prices are approximate and stated in USD:

Chivas Regal$27

Chivas Regal vs Dewar’s: Which is better?

Dewar’s provides better value

WhiskeyChivas Regal Dewar’s
  • Dewar’s is a champ in terms of value as it drinks quite nicely on ice and can be used in any cocktail as it mixes incredibly well.
  • Neither mind blowing nor earth-shattering but effective at a price hard to beat at a price range in which Scotch typically has weird nail polish notes.
  • Chivas Regal has never been my jam, quite popular among the boomer generation but I never found it to be good.
  • Too peppery and somewhat bitter making a bad sip but drinks nicely in highballs as those are the notes that make that cocktail shine.