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Dewar’s White Label vs Famous Grouse: Discover the Better!

Discover the differences between Dewar’s White Label vs Famous Grouse in this in-depth comparison and decide which Scotch is better for You!

Dewar’s White Label

  • Nose: Apple, peach, oak
  • Palate: Honey, cereal, vanilla, smoke, oak
  • Finish: Caramel, vanilla, oak spice
  • Alcohol content: 80 proof (40% ABV)
  • How to drink: Rocks
  • Similar to: Aberfeldy 12


The nose is subtle and pleasant bringing notes of apple, peach, a bit of barley and oak.

On the palate, Dewar’s is super smooth and sweet, with notes of honey and caramel at first, followed by vanilla, toasted barley, a bit of smoke and just a tad of oak.

The finish is short-lived, with very little to no warmth, leaving an aftertaste of caramel, vanilla and oak spice.

Is it good?

Dewar’s is a surprisingly smooth and sweet dram. “surprisingly” because whiskies in this price range tend to be harsh and offer nail polish notes.

Now you know why is it so popular in the United States where it is frequently used as a mixer to make cocktails.

If you want to improve the Dewar’s White Label add a few drops of water and let rich floral notes emerge and make this whisky more enjoyable.

You can also drink it on the rocks and using it as a mixer is perfect as its price won’t make you feel guilty.

Dewar’s facts:

  • This brand is owned by Bacardi, based in the Bahamas along other top brands like Tequila Patron, Grey Goose, Aberfeldy, Cazadores Tequila, among others.

Famous Grouse

  • Nose: Apple, caramel, barley
  • Palate: Caramel, citrus, honey, smoke
  • Finish: Malt, citrus
  • Alcohol content: 80 proof (40% ABV)
  • How to drink: Cocktails
  • Similar to: Jameson


Nose is light, with subtle notes of apple, caramel and barley.

On the palate, the Famous Grouse provides caramel sweetness up-front, with notes of honey and sherry, followed by a hint of orange.

It has a mineral note and a tiny tad of smoke bringing balance to the sweetness.

The finish is short-lived, leaving a malty aftertaste behind, with a bit of oak spice, orange and caramel.

Is it good?

Nothing spectacular or remarkable, yet nothing bad about it.

Just a serviceable whisky that drinks nicely with a dash of water as the Scots been drinking whisky for the ages.

This an affordable whisky making an easy everyday drinker with no challenging notes. Now you know why is it so popular in Scotland.

The Famous Grouse has been the best-selling whisky in Scotland since 1980. It is superior to most Scotch blends in this price range.

A simple whisky but it is smooth and lacks the overpowering bitterness that is found in other budget blends.

This whisky is widely improved when adding a splash of water. Just a few drops of water break the whisky allowing rich floral notes to emerge whilst tuning-down alcoholic notes.

If you are curious about what the Scots drink give it a shot.

Famous Grouse facts:

  • The Grouse is a blend of malt and grain whiskies aged for just 6 months in seasoned sherry and bourbon casks.
  • The Famous Grouse belongs to the Royal Family of Scotch whisky as it is owned by the Edrington Group.

Dewar’s White Label vs Famous Grouse: Price comparison

Prices are approximate and stated in USD:

Dewar’s White Label$26
Famous Grouse$24

Dewar’s vs Famous Grouse: Which is better?

These are both easy drinking Scotch whiskies

WhiskeyDewar’s White LabelFamous Grouse
  • This is a tie, Dewar’s and Famous Grouse are both smooth and mellow drams at a price that is hard to beat.
  • I like Dewar’s for the smoky note but I also enjoy the Grouse for the citrus note making it hard for me to prefer one over the other.
  • Taste them and shoot me an email with your comments. Perhaps you can do a better job than me at coming up with a conclusion.

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