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E.H. Taylor Single Barrel vs Stagg Jr: Head to Head!

Discover the differences between E.H. Taylor Single Barrel vs Stagg Jr. in this in-depth comparison and decide which bourbon is better for You!

E.H. Taylor Single Barrel

NoseCaramel charred oak, cinnamon
PalateVanilla, caramel, cinnamon, oak
FinishLong, caramel, vanilla, old leather, oak
Alcohol content100 proof (50% ABV)
How to drinkAdd water
Similar toBlanton’s, Small Batch

On the nose you get caramel, charred oak and cinnamon at first, but as you let it breathe old leather and honey pop-up.

On the mouth, the Single Barrel has a buttery and smooth feel, providing vanilla and caramel followed by cinnamon and charred oak with very little spice.

The finish has lingering caramel and vanilla hints, with old leather and a tad of oak. Incredibly smooth as it has almost no warmth making it a tasty easy drinker.

The E.H. Taylor Single Barrel is a terrific well-rounded dram.

Full-bodied and sweet, with very little heat and spice and the right amount of oak. It has lingering tasty flavors making it remarkably good.

No need to drink water or ice as it goes down easy. A little too easy!!!

Unfortunately, this bourbon is not easy to find, but I have you covered with a list of the Best Single Barrel Bourbons so you consider further options.

There are a few facts worth knowing about the E.H. Taylor Single Barrel:

  • Aged for 11 years and 7 months.
  • Gold Medal at the Los Angeles International Wine & Spirits Competition in 2012.
  • Earned a score of 97 points at the Ultimate Spirits Challenge in 2012; Pappy 23 YO scored 95.
  • Colonel E.H. Taylor is one of Bourbon’s founding fathers and was instrumental in passing the Bottled-In-Bond Act of 1897.

Stagg Jr.

NoseVanilla, cherry pie
PalateCherry, cinnamon, baking spice, caramel, pecan
FinishOak, cinnamon and brown sugar
Alcohol content130 proof (65% ABV)
How to drinkAdd water
Similar toElmer T. Lee, Blanton’s, Weller 107

The nose has a strong vanilla and cherry pie aroma that you can smell from across the room.

On the palate, Stagg Jr. has a thick and chewy texture and is strong and warm up-front. Once you let it develop it’s rich in cherry, cinnamon and baking spice with a touch of pecan.

The finish is warming but not harsh, rich in oak, with lingering fine spice hints and brown sugar.

Stagg Jr. (Review) is incredibly tasty, bold and rich although it has a fair amount of heat but well restrained for something bottled at such high proof.

This is a one of a kind bourbon for the brave with a penchant for strong and full of character spirits.

If you feel the burn add a large ice ball and that will tune it down a beat while releasing additional sweetness and wood.

There are a few facts worth knowing about the Stagg Jr.

  • Typically aged from 8 to 9 years.
  • This bourbon is uncut as it was not diluted and unfiltered.
  • The distiller releases two batches annually.
  • This bourbon is called Stagg Jr as it’s the less mature version of George T. Stagg.

What do E.H. Taylor and Stagg Jr. have in common?

Crafted by Buffalo Trace using the same mash bill

These bourbons are crafted at the Buffalo Trace Distillery using the same mash bill as the Eagle Rare and Buffalo Trace.

Are E.H. Taylor and Stagg Jr. the same bourbon?

Aging and proof makes them different

  • E.H. Taylor was aged for almost 12 years and is bottled in bond, meaning the liquor must be the product of one distillation season, must have been aged in a federally bonded warehouse under U.S. government supervision for at least four years and bottled at 100 proof.
  • Stagg Jr. was aged for 8 years and is bottled at proof, without water dilution and unfiltered retaining all of its flavor.

Price comparison

Prices are approximate and stated in USD:

E.H. Taylor Single Barrel$140
Stagg Jr.$110

E.H. Taylor Single Barrel vs Stagg Jr: Which is better?

E.H. Taylor is a safer bet

  • Both are remarkably good and it comes down to a matter of personal preference towards heat.
  • Stagg Jr. is incredibly tasty but you have to endure initial warmth before finding pleasing tasting notes. This bourbon is not for the faint at heart demanding a determined aficionado.
  • E.H. Taylor is a safer bet as it’s incredibly smooth and does not drink as something bottled at 100 proof. It’s sweet and tasty and quite rewarding.
  • If you like to feel the burn get yourself the Stagg Jr and enjoy. If you prefer a mellow and pleasing dram the EHT is for you.

I have placed both bourbons in my roundup of the best Single Barrel Bourbons so you can’t go wrong with them.

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