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Glen Grant 12 vs Jack Daniel’s: Which Wins?

Discover the differences between Glen Grant 12 vs Jack Daniel’s in this head to head comparison and decide which Whiskey (Whisky) is better for You!

Glen Grant 12

NoseHoney, vanilla, apple, apricot
PalateApple, vanilla, cinnamon, almond
FinishShort, oak spice, lemon peel
Alcohol content86 proof (43% ABV)
How to drinkAdd water
Similar toGlenlivet 12, Glenfiddich 12

Glen Grant might not be as renowned as other Speyside malts such as Macallan or Glenlivet yet they deliver solid unpretentious whiskies that get the job done.

The nose is sweet, with honey and vanilla coming first, followed by a fruity aroma of apple and apricot.

On the palate, Glen Grant provides a good mouthfeel as the body feels somewhat creamy. Flavor is smooth and fruity, with apple and vanilla hitting first and cinnamon and roasted almond coming behind.

The finish is short, with a bit of oak spice to it, but is just a touch, along a lemon peel note and very little heat.

This is a smooth drinking Scotch, not complex, not particularly interesting, with no alcohol burn, peat, smoke or any off-putting note making a good option for newbies to Single Malt Whisky.

The best way of drinking the Glen Grant 12 is with one or two drops of water, beyond that it kills the flavor.

There are a few facts worth knowing about the Glen Grant 12:

  • Aged for 12 years in ex-bourbon and ex-Spanish sherry casks.
  • The distillery was founded in 1840, by brothers John and James Grant, two former illegal distillers and smugglers that decided to become legit.
  • Glen Grant in the only distillery in Scotland to use purifiers in both distillations, they claim that this provides a fresher whisky with a more malty flavor.

Jack Daniel’s No. 7

NoseBanana, oak, wood polish
PalateCaramel, banana, oak char
Finish Citrus, black pepper, oak spice
Alcohol content80 proof (40% ABV)
How to drinkCoke
Similar toJim Beam, Gentleman Jack

The nose brings a plastic banana note, with hints of brown sugar, oak and just a bit of wood polish.

On the palate, Jack Daniel’s falls flat, with very little body as it lacks texture. Somewhat sweet up-front, with oak char bitterness coming behind overwhelming the sweetness as you keep drinking it.

The finish is almost non-existent, hot and peppery, with a hint of citrus and something that reminds me of Gorilla Glue.

I have fond memories as Jack Daniel’s was my first whiskey and something I enjoyed 20 years ago, but my taste has evolved greatly and now is something I would only drink if drowned in Coke.

It’s just too harsh to make a nice sipping whiskey although it gets better when adding rocks. Ice tunes down the heat and the pepper making it acceptable.

The best use you can make of the Jack Daniel’s is in cocktails, especially when mixed with Coke. In fact, I can’t think of something better except for those Caribbean rums to mix with Coke.

Drink Jack Daniel’s with Coke or ginger ale and you will be very happy with it… beyond that it serves no purpose as it’s just too harsh.

I’ve compiled a list of alternatives to the Jack Daniel’s that you should look into!

There are a few things worth knowing about Jack Daniel’s

  • Jack Daniel’s is the best-selling American whiskey across the globe with sales of over 100 million bottles per year.
  • Most distillers adhere to a set amount of years to declare a whiskey ready for bottling but Jack Daniel’s tasters decide when is ready based on color, aroma and flavor. 
  • Jack Daniel’s is filtered for up to 12 days through 10 feet (3 meters) of homemade sugar maple charcoal. This process removes some of the harshness from the spirit.

Glen Grant vs Jack Daniel’s: Price comparison

Prices are approximate and stated in USD:

Glent Grant 12$51
Jack Daniel’s No. 7$26

Glen Grant vs Jack Daniel’s: Which is better?

Glen Grant is a solid sipping whisky

WhiskeyGlen GrantJack Daniel’s
  • Price is not necessarily an indicator of quality but in this case it applies as the Glen Grant is widely superior to the Jack 7.
  • Glen Grant is a good easy drinker that you can sip neat as it does not have any off-putting note. Is neither interesting nor complex but it goes down nicely.
  • Jack Daniel’s is primarily a mixer for cocktails, especially for mixing with Coke.

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