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Glenlivet 14 vs Glenlivet 15: Discover the Better!

Discover the differences between Glenlivet 14 vs Glenlivet 15 in this head to head comparison and decide which Single Malt is better for You!

Glenlivet 14

NoseRipe fruit, citrus, grape
PalateHoney, raisins, apple, dark chocolate
FinishMedium-length, spice
Alcohol content80 proof (40% ABV)
How to drinkNeat
Similar toGlenfiddich 14, Macallan 12

The nose is rich in ripe fruit, along hints of citrus and grapes.

On the palate, Glenlivet 14 provides a good mouthfeel as it displays a creamy texture. Flavor hits with honey at first, followed by notes of raisins, apple and a subtle touch of dark chocolate.

The finish has a decent length, hitting you with a spicy note, but nothing too severe, while bringing pleasing warmth.

What makes the Glenlivet 14 interesting and somewhat unique is that it was first aged in ex-bourbon casks and sherry casks and then finished in former Cognac casks.

Those casks provide the ripe fruit, raisin and chocolate note that are quite common to French Cognac.

If you have tried the Glenlivet 12 you’re going to find the 14 YO to be a bit warmer, yet still smooth, and far more tasty making a more pleasing single malt Whisky.

Learn how it compares to the Glenlivet 12!

There are a few facts worth knowing about the Glenlivet 14:

  • Aged for 14 years in ex-bourbon and sherry casks and finished in Cognac barrels.
  • Earned 94 points at the 2019 Ultimate Spirits Challenge.

Glenlivet 15 French Oak Reserve

NoseVanilla, orange peel, caramel
PalateNutty flavor, caramel, vanilla, oak spice
FinishLong, oak, almond
Alcohol content80 proof (40% ABV)
How to drinkNeat
Similar toGlenfiddich 15, Macallan 15

The Glenlivet 15 offers a nice sweet aroma with hints of vanilla and caramel, along a bit of citrus peel.

On the mouth it feels creamy providing a good mouthfeel. Flavor is smooth and rich in caramel and vanilla, with a noticeable nutty hint and a pleasant hit of oak spice, with nothing overwhelming or off-putting.

The finish is where this malt shines as it has smooth and lingering flavors with some nice oak and spicy hints and pleasing warmth on the tail.

The Glenlivet 15 offers good value within the Glenlivet family as it is an improvement over its 12 YO and is even better than the 18YO.

Those two are overly smooth but quite boring, frankly. The 15 YO is a smooth and yet flavorful malt, striking a nice balance between spicy and sweet notes and a bit of warmth on the tail that sits well.

This whisky would be even better if it had a higher proof but Glenlivet like to water-down its malts a bit.

The Glenlivet 15 is first aged for 12 years in ex-bourbon barrels and for 3 years in French Limousin Oak. Those with expertise in casks ensure that the large-grain and tannic wood of these barrels “ensures a clear color and an impressive expression in all spirits”.

There are a few facts worth knowing about Glenlivet 15:

Glenlivet 14 vs Glenlivet 15: Price comparison

Prices are approximate and stated in USD:

Glenlivet 14$65
Glenlivet 15$83

Glenlivet 14 vs Glenlivet 15: Which is better?

The Glenlivet 14 provides great value for the money

WhiskeyGlenlivet 14Glenlivet 15
  • Aging in Bourbon and Cognac casks added interesting and tasty notes to the 14 YO making it quite enjoyable.
  • A way more satisfying malt than the 12 YO as it’s more flavorful and still quite smooth.
  • Attractively price making quite appealing.
  • The Glenlivet 15 is a bit pricier with a remarkably good finish, but I still prefer the 14 YO.


Glenlivet is the best-selling single malt in the United States and second-globally after Glenfiddich for two good reasons: releases are attractively priced and they tend to be remarkably smooth.

Glenlivet was founded in 1824 and has operated almost continuously ever since.

This brand is part of the Paris-based Pernod Ricard portfolio that includes several brands including Chivas Regal Whisky.

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