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Jack Daniel’s vs Old Crow: Head to Head!

Discover the differences between Jack Daniel’s vs Old Crow in this head to head comparison and decide which whiskey is better for You!

Jack Daniel’s No. 7

NoseBanana, oak, wood polish
PalateCaramel, banana, oak char
FinishCitrus, black pepper, oak spice
Alcohol content80 proof (40% ABV)
How to drinkCoke
Similar toWild Turkey, Maker’s Mark

The nose brings a plastic banana note, with hints of brown sugar, oak and just a bit of wood polish.

On the palate, Jack Daniel’s falls flat, with very little body as it lacks texture. Somewhat sweet up-front, with oak char bitterness coming behind overwhelming the sweetness as you keep drinking it.

The finish is almost non-existent, hot and peppery, with a hint of citrus and something that reminds me of glue.

Jack Daniel’s (Is it Good?) was my first whiskey and something I enjoyed 20 years ago, but my taste has evolved and now is something I would only drink if drowned in Coke.

It’s just too harsh to make a nice sipping whiskey although it gets better when adding rocks. Ice tunes down the heat and the pepper making it acceptable.

The best use you can make of the Jack Daniel’s (Alternatives) is in cocktails, especially when mixed with Coke. In fact, I can’t think of something better except for those Bacardi rums to mix with Coke.

Drink Jack and Coke or ginger ale and you will be very happy with it… beyond that it serves no purpose as it’s just too harsh.

Look into Bourbons like the Old Forester 86 that lives in the same price range at tastes much better than the JD.

There are a few things worth knowing about Jack Daniel’s:

  • Jack Daniel’s is the best-selling whiskey across the globe with sales of over 100 million bottles per year.
  • Most distillers adhere to a set amount of years to declare a whiskey ready for bottling but Jack Daniel’s tasters decide when is ready based on color, aroma and flavor. 
  • Jack Daniel’s is filtered for up to 12 days through 10 feet (3 meters) of homemade sugar maple charcoal. This process removes some of the harshness from the spirit.
  • The Jack Daniel’s brand is owned by the Brown-Forman Company along the Old Forester, Woodford Reserve and Herradura Tequila.

Old Crow

NoseCaramel, vanilla, hay, corn
PalateToasty oak, peanut, vanilla, black pepper, oak spice
FinishShort-lived, caramel, oak spice
Alcohol content80 proof (40% ABV)
How to drinkCocktails
Similar toBenchmark, Old Grand Dad, Evan Williams

Old Crow and Jim Beam are crafted at the same distillery using the same mash bill.

The difference lies in the Old Crown being aged for one less year.

This makes them have several tasting notes in common, but the Old Crow tastes worse. As if they were using the worst barrels to make this bourbon.

The nose is subtle, with an aroma that brings an apple juice scent, along vanilla, caramel and oak.

On the palate, the Old Crow feels thin and watered-down. First sip is warm, delivering a sharp oak spice hit, followed by peppery notes, a touch of clove and roasted peanuts.

There is very little sweetness in the taste as oak spice and pepper overwhelm light vanilla and caramel notes.

The finish is short and hot, with an unpleasant combination of rye and oak spice making it a horrible sipper.

The Old Crow is bad, as opposed to other bottom-shelf bourbons that can be sipped neat the Crow is just too bitter and peppery. You can make cocktails with it or use it as prank, but this is definitely a bad bourbon.

It tastes like rocket fuel making one of the worst bourbons in the market; if not the worst.

There are a few facts worth knowing about the Old Crow:

  • Aged for 3 years.
  • The mash bill is 75% corn, 13% rye and 12% malted barley.
  • This was the drink of choice the 18th President of the United States, Ulysses S. Grant.
  • James Crow, a Scottish immigrant, was a skilled distiller who made whiskey for various employers.
  • Crafted at the Jim Beam Distillery in Clermont, KY along the Knob Creek, Basil Hayden’s, Old Grand Dad, Booker’s.

What’s the difference between Jack Daniel’s and Old Crow?

The Old Crow is a bourbon, while Jack Daniel’s a Tennessee Whiskey

Both spirits require the same corn percentage in the mashbill (at least 51%) and must be aged in new charred oak barrels.

The main difference is that Tennessee whiskey must go through a charcoal filtering process, which in theory mellows the whiskey’s character.

Jack Daniel’s vs Old Crow: Price comparison

Prices are approximate and stated in USD:

WhiskeyPriceBottle Size
Jack Daniel’s$291L
Old Crow$131L

Jack Daniel’s vs Old Crow: Which is better?

Jack Daniel’s is a better whiskey than the Old Crow

WhiskeyJack Daniel’sOld Crow
  • Being better than the Old Crow is not an achievement as it’s quite bad.
  • Yet Jack Daniel’s is something that mixes incredibly well with Coke and can be useful when in the mood for a homemade cocktail.
  • The Old Crow is just too harsh making the worst of the bottom-shelf bourbons.

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