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Jameson vs Proper 12: Head to Head!

Discover the differences between Jameson vs Conor McGregor’s Proper 12 in this in-depth comparison and decide which Irish Whiskey is better for You!


  • Nose: Floral, marmalade, caramel
  • Palate: Ripe fruit, vanilla
  • Finish: Medium, caramel, spice
  • Alcohol content: 80 proof (40% ABV)
  • How to drink: Cocktails
  • Similar to: Glendalough, Green Spot


Jameson is the best-selling Irish whiskey across the globe for two reasons:

It is smooth and affordable offering good value for the money; solid option for casual drinking or something not too pricey and still decent.

Nose is floral with sweet notes of orange marmalade and caramel with a bit of alcohol coming behind but nothing too severe.

On the palate the Jameson shows a good body, is sweet and fruity, with a high vanilla note. There is a pesky metallic note coming late to the party, not something terrible but weird.

The finish has a medium length, mostly sweet with a dash of black pepper on the tail.

Is it good?

Jameson is a smooth and versatile whiskey that mixes nicely in any cocktail with no bad bite, well rounded and gets better when adding a splash of water, ginger ale or ice.

In fact, Jameson might well be the best whiskey for mixed drinks as it mixes incredibly well with everything; even with Red Bull!

A few drops of water are enough to tune down alcoholic, peppery notes and that annoying metallic note.

Jameson facts:

  • Jameson is a blend of malted and unmalted barley aged for at least 4 years in ex-bourbon casks from Kentucky and ex-sherry casks from Spain.
  • This whisky is triple-distilled which is the norm in the Irish whiskey industry. Most spirits in are double-distilled but the Irish add a distillation as they like smooth liquors.

Proper 12

  • Nose: Caramel, floral, vanilla
  • Palate: Ripe fruit, caramel, oak spice
  • Finish: Orange, caramel, oak
  • Alcohol content: 80 proof (40% ABV)
  • How to drink: Rocks
  • Similar to: Slane, Tullamore DEW


The nose kicks-off with a blast of vanilla, followed by hints of caramel and a floral note.

On the palate, the body feels a bit thin. Flavor provides ripe fruit up-front, followed by caramel and bit of pepper but nothing severe.

The finish has a decent length, with very little to no burn, leaving a nice aftertaste of orange, caramel and a tad of oak.

Is it good?

Proper 12 is surprisingly smooth and sweet. I say “surprisingly” as I was expecting a rougher whiskey coming from the much beloved Conor McGregor.

There is nothing remarkable about Proper 12 but nor off-putting. It drinks easy making a good beginner’s whiskey as it does not have any challenging tasting note.

This is so smooth that you can drink it either neat or rocks or use it in a mixer to make cocktails.

This whiskey has gained notoriety due to Conor McGregor’s sponsorship.

McGregor partnered with Ken Austin, who sold Avion Tequila to Pernod Ricard and is also the man behind Dwayne the Rock Johnson’s Teremana Tequila.

Proper Twelve facts:

  • Proper 12 receives its name from Dublin 12, the area in which he grew up.
  • Conor McGregor partnered with Ken Austin (former Avion Tequila and the man behind Teremana) and Jose Cuervo to create Proper 12.
  • Proper 12 will be donating $5 of every case (12 bottles) sold to first responders around the world – up to $1million annually.

Jameson vs Proper 12: Price comparison

Prices are approximate and stated in USD:


Jameson vs Proper 12: Which is better?

Proper 12 defeats Jameson by split decision

WhiskeyJamesonProper 12
  • The Proper 12 is an easier drinker making a better choice for those new to Irish Whiskey or liquors in general. Drinks nicely with no off-putting notes.
  • Price also makes the Proper 12 more attractive and donating money to first responders also gives points to McGregor’s dram.

George Clooney was not the first celebrity to launch a liquor company but no one has done it better than him and his partner and compadre Rande Gerber; they collected $1 billion USD when they sold Casamigos Tequila to Diageo.

Inspired by Clooney and Gerber other celebrities have joined the tequila bandwagon and have launched their own brands.

Now you have the likes of The Rock, Kendall Jenner, the Breaking Bad guys with Dos Hombres and you name it endorsing tequila and mezcal brands.

If you are asking who was the first celebrity to create a liquor it was Sammy Hagar and his Cabo Wabo Tequila.

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