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Broken Barrel Small Batch Review: Everything you need to know!

Discover everything about Broken Barrel Small Batch Bourbon in this in-depth review that answers all your related questions!

Broken Barrel Small Batch tasting notes: How does it taste?

NoseCorn Flakes, rye
PalateRye spice, corn, berries, vanilla
FinishRye spice, oak, vanilla
Alcohol content95 proof (47.5% ABV)
How to drinkRocks
Similar toBulleit Bourbon, Tincup

The nose brings Corn Flakes with a bit of rye spice and just a tiny whiff of ethanol that fades away.

On the palate, Broken Barrel provides a good mouthfeel as it feels full-bodied.

Flavor hits with pleasing warmth at first, along rye spice that gives way to a hint of mixed berries and a touch of vanilla.

The finish is long, with satisfying heat on the way down with a touch of oak and vanilla.

Broken Barrel Small Batch rating: Is it Good?



Broken Barrel is a satisfying bourbon high in rye, better than most at this price range.

This is a full-bodied bourbon, packed with nice tasting notes that delivers a good experience from nose to finish with no let downs.

It’s a bit hot on the way down, but is not harsh. This is the type of warmth that heats the chest making it quite pleasing.

Price point makes it attractive for a bourbon at 95 proof delivering good value for the money making something well worth trying.

How to drink Broken Barrel?

Add water

  • Adding water tunes-down the heat by a notch, releases oak and caramel making it easier to sip.
  • Broken Barrel sits at a price range in which I’m still comfortable using it to make cocktails.
  • Works well when looking for not overly spicy Old Fashioned.

Broken Barrel: Mash bill

70% corn, 21% rye, 9% malted barley

The average bourbon carries around 10% to 15% rye in the mash. This makes Broken Barrel a bit more spicy.

Broken Barrel: Age

2 years

Broken Barrel doesn’t provide an age statement but according to their website it is aged for a minimum of 2 years.

How is it made?

After the initial aging the bourbon is dumped and batched into a steel tank and further aged with selected oak staves.

40% of the staves were former bourbon barrels, 40% new French oak, and 20% sherry cask.

Where is Broken Barrel Bourbon made?

Owensboro Distilling Co.

Broken Barrel Whiskey is distilled and sourced from the Owensboro Distilling Co. located in Owensboro, KY.

Who owns Broken Barrel?

Seth Benhaim

The company was founded by Seth Benhaim in 2012 (at the age of 23) who is the CEO of Infuse Spirits which specializes in vodkas infused with natural ingredients.

When Benhaim entered his first vodka releases in the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, his bottles made him the youngest person ever to win both Best in Show and Double Gold at just 25 years.

Broken Barrel: Alternatives

Bulleit Bourbon & Maker’s Mark 46


Broken Barrel is a good substitute to the Bulleit Bourbon as they are both high in rye, although the Broken Barrel feels more robust and polished.

The Maker’s Mark 46 is made by taking fully aged traditional Maker’s Mark at cask strength and inserting specially seared French oak staves into the barrels.

This process added a notorious oaky hint to the bourbon that goes from the nose to the finish, while adding more vanilla and a more refined and tasty version of the old good Maker’s Mark.

Lastly, I would add the Four Roses Small Batch which is also a spicy bourbon but well balanced against caramel notes providing a good experience.

Broken Barrel: Bottle Price

Prices are approximate and stated in local currency:

United States$31

Broken Barrel: Alcohol content

95 proof (47.5% ABV)

Does it expire?

Alcoholic beverages do not expire

It will last for years as long as you store it in a cool place and away from the sunlight.

I strongly suggest drinking it ASAP once the content is down to 25% as liquors start developing awkward notes past this level.

Broken Barrel Small Batch: Cheat Sheet

Type of WhiskyBourbon
Age statement2 years
Is it good?Yes
Is it top-shelf?No
Does it expire?No
Warm?A bit
Good for beginners?No
Good for cocktails?Yes
Good with Coke?No
Calories per shot108