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Bulleit Bourbon vs Jack Daniel’s: Head to Head!

Discover the differences between Bulleit Bourbon vs Jack Daniel’s in this in-depth comparison and decide which Whiskey is better for You!

Bulleit Bourbon

  • Nose: Cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, almond
  • Palate: Rye spice, caramel, dried fruit, nuts
  • Finish: Long, caramel, rye spice
  • Alcohol content: 90 proof (45% ABV)
  • How to drink: Rocks, cocktails
  • Similar to: Woodford Reserve, Knob Creek


Nose is rich in rye spice, cinnamon clove and nutmeg.

On the palate, the Bulleit Bourbon has a good body, spicy at first product of the high rye presence in the mash, but as you let it develop it becomes rich in dried fruit and nice nutty flavors.

The finish is pleasantly warm, rich in spice with some sweet notes coming late to the party.

Is it good?

Bulleit is nicely rounded, sweet on the palate with a strong spicy finish due to the large portion of rye used in the mashbill.

The finish is long, a bit warm with oaky and spicy notes that are not for everyone but it is not overwhelming.

Bulleit Bourbon makes a good sipper as you can drink it either neat or rocks and also mixes nicely in an Old Fashioned or Whiskey Sour.

I know a few folks that like adding a dash of Coke to the Bulleit Bourbon just to make it sweeter, they say that just a few drops of Coke are enough to get the trick done. I haven’t tried but doesn’t sound bad.

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Bulleit Bourbon facts:

  • Mash is made from 68% corn, 28% rye and 4% malted barley.
  • It is made from pure Kentucky limestone-filtered water and locally sourced ingredients.
  • Bulleit ages for 6 years in charred American oak barrels.
  • Won Double Gold medal at the 2016 edition of the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.
  • This brand was created in 1987 by Tom Bulleit, a former Four Roses employee, using his grandfather’s recipe.
  • The company is currently owned by UK-based Diageo (Johnnie Walker).

Jack Daniel’s

  • Nose: Banana, oak, wood polish
  • Palate: Caramel, banana, oak char
  • Finish: Citrus, black pepper, oak spice
  • Alcohol content: 80 proof (40% ABV)
  • How to drink: Coke
  • Similar to: Evan Williams, Wild Turkey


The nose brings a plastic banana note, with hints of brown sugar, oak and just a bit of wood polish.

On the palate, Jack Daniel’s falls flat, with very little body as it lacks texture. Somewhat sweet up-front, with oak char bitterness coming behind overwhelming the sweetness as you keep drinking it.

The finish is almost non-existent, hot and peppery, with a hint of citrus and something that reminds me of glue.

Is it good?

I have fond memories as Jack Daniel’s was my first whiskey and something I enjoyed 20 years ago, but my taste has evolved greatly and now is something I would only drink if drowned in Coke.

It’s just too harsh to make a nice sipping whiskey although it gets better when adding rocks. Ice tunes down the heat and the pepper making it acceptable.

The best use you can make of the Jack Daniel’s is in cocktails, especially when mixed with Coke. In fact, I can’t think of something better except for those Caribbean rums to mix with Coke.

Drink Jack Daniel’s with Coke or ginger ale and you will be very happy with it… beyond that it serves no purpose as it’s just too harsh.

I’ve compiled a list of similar whiskeys to Jack Daniel’s that you should look into!

Jack Daniel’s facts:

  • Jack Daniel’s is the best-selling American whiskey across the globe with sales of over 100 million bottles per year.
  • Jack Daniel’s is not a Bourbon, but a Tennessee Whiskey, made from 80% corn, 12% barley, and 8% rye.
  • Most distillers adhere to a set amount of years to declare a whiskey ready for bottling but Jack Daniel’s tasters decide when is ready based on color, aroma and flavor. 
  • Jack Daniel’s is filtered for up to 12 days through 10 feet (3 meters) of homemade sugar maple charcoal. This process removes some of the harshness from the spirit.
  • Jack Daniel’s is owned by US-based Brown-Forman (Old Forester).

Bulleit Bourbon vs Jack Daniel’s: Price comparison

Prices are approximate and stated in USD:

Bulleit Bourbon$33
Jack Daniel’s$27

Bulleit Bourbon vs Jack Daniel’s: Which is better?

Bulleit is a better tasting whiskey than Jack Daniel’s

WhiskeyBulleit BourbonJack Daniel’s
  • Bulleit drinks nicely neat, rocks or in tasty cocktails making versatile and at an attractive price making it a no brainer over the Jack Daniel’s that is plagued with some weird tasting notes.
  • If you are exclusively looking for a mixer to drown in Coke then go with the Jack Daniel’s and save your hard-earned money.

What’s the difference between Bulleit Bourbon and Jack Daniel’s?

Bulleit is a Bourbon while Jack Daniel’s a Tennessee Whiskey

To be labeled as a Tennessee Whiskey a dram must comply with the following:

  1. Made in the state of Tennessee.
  2. From at least 51% corn.
  3. Distilled at no higher than 160 proof.
  4. Barreled at no higher than 125 proof.
  5. Aged into a new, charred oak barrels.
  6. Filtered through charcoal before bottling.

Bulleit is a bourbon whiskey. This type of whiskey must adhere to the following rules:

  1. Can be made anywhere in the United States.
  2. From at least 51% corn.
  3. Distilled at no higher than 160 proof.
  4. Barreled at no higher than 125 proof.
  5. Aged into a new, charred oak barrels.
  6. Spirits that meet these requirements and have been aged for a minimum of two years, may (but is not required to) be called Straight Bourbon.
  7. Bourbon aged for a period less than four years must be labeled with the duration of its aging.
  8. If an age is stated on the label, it must be the age of the youngest whiskey in the bottle.

As you can see there are many similarities between Tennessee and bourbon but enough differences to receive different names.

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