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Red Spot 15 vs Redbreast 15: Head to Head!

Discover the differences between Red Spot vs Redbreast 15 in this in-depth comparison and decide which Irish Whiskey is better for You!

Red Spot 15

NoseOak, almonds, dried fruit, vanilla, leather
PalateCaramel, vanilla, ripe fruit, hazelnut
FinishCinnamon, oak
Alcohol content92 proof (46% ABV)
How to drinkNeat
Similar toYellow Spot

Nose kicks-off with a high oak note, but as you let it breathe hints of almonds, dried fruit, vanilla and leather come to scene.

On the palate, the Red Spot provides an incredibly smooth mouthfeel, with a creamy texture that invites you to chew.

Flavor brings bourbon type notes of caramel, vanilla, ripe fruit, hazelnut and brown sugar, along a pleasant tobacco note that comes late to the party.

The finish is not as long as I wished but yet good providing a fair amount of oak, with a pleasant touch of cinnamon leaving a pleasant aftertaste.

The Red Spot drinks pretty much like an elite bourbon. This thing could pass as Pappy Van Winkle as it has many tasting notes in common.

This whiskey is remarkably good, nicely balanced, with no troubling notes and very little warmth making it a super easy drinker.

The Red Spot is something you could see me drinking more often but due to the current state of my stock portfolio you will see me sipping Jim Beam.

If you want to learn more about this brand read my post: Discover the Best Spot Whiskey where I rank every bottle!

There are a few facts worth knowing about Red Spot:

  • This whiskey is made using malted and unmalted barley.

  • It was triple-distilled in pot stills. The Irish as a norm triple-distill their spirits ensuring smoothness; the norm is to only distill twice.

  • Red Spot was aged for 15 years in American ex-bourbon casks, ex-sherry butts and ex-marsala wine casks. Marsala wine is a fortified wine made in Sicily, commonly used in cooking to create nutty, rich sweet sauces.

Redbreast 15

NoseNuts, dried fruit, apricot, date
PalateDried fruit, roasted nuts, orange, baking spice
FinishLong, baking spice, dried fruit, oak
Alcohol content92 proof (46% ABV)
How to drinkNeat
Similar toRedbreast 12, Redbreast 21

The Redbreast 15 has two significant differences to its 12 YO sibling. First, it is bottled at a higher proof (92 vs 80) making the whiskey richer and creamier. Lastly, this release is non chill-filtered providing a fully-flavored experience.

The nose is light and quite pleasing with hints of roasted nuts and dried fruit at first followed by apricot and dates.

On the palate, the 15 YO feels smooth and velvety providing a great mouthfeel. Flavor hits with the same dried fruit and roasted nuts notes as in the nose, followed by orange peel and baking spice.

The finish lingers with a rewarding warming note, baking spice, dried fruit and quite subtle on the oak.

Adding a drop of water brings more oak and a tad of caramel, although this whiskey does not need water to get better as it’s incredibly good from the bottle.

There are a few facts worth knowing about the Redbreast 15:

  • This release is a blend from whiskeys aged between 15 and 19 years old.
  • The barrel selection is from 1st fill bourbon and sherry barrels.
  • Gold Medal- Single Pot Still Whiskey 2019 Irish Whiskey Awards.

What do the Red Spot and Redbreast 15 have in common?

Both crafted at the Jameson Distillery

These whiskeys are crafted by Jameson Whiskey at the Old Midleton Distillery in Cork.

It must be noted that even though they are crafted at the same site these brands belong to different parent companies.

Red Spot is owned by Mitchel & Sons Merchants established in Dublin in 1805 while the Redbreast is part of Jameson which in turn is owned by Paris-based Pernod Ricard.

Are Red Spot and Redbreast 15 the same whiskey?

Barrel management makes and chill-filtering makes them different

  • The Red Spot has been aged in a combination of American Bourbon casks, Sherry butts and Sicilian Marsala wine casks and has been chill-filtered.

Red Spot vs Redbreast 15: Price comparison

Prices are approximate and stated in USD:

Red Spot$170
Redbreast 15$115

Red Spot vs Redbreast 15: Which is better?

Price gives the edge to the Redbreast

  • Differences between these whiskeys are marginal except for the price making me prefer the Redbreast.
  • If they were evenly priced I would go for the Red Spot as those Sicilian Marsala casks added a nutty touch that sits nicely.

Regardless of which you choose you can rest assured that you are taking home a top whiskey.