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Gentleman Jack vs Uncle Nearest: Discover the Better!

Discover the differences between Gentleman Jack vs Uncle Nearest in this in-depth comparison and decide which whiskey is better for You!

Gentleman Jack

NoseBanana, caramel, vanilla
PalateCorn, vanilla, caramel, oak char
FinishCorn, nutmeg, caramel, oak
Alcohol content80 proof (40% ABV)
How to drinkRocks
Similar toBuffalo Trace, Jack Daniel’s

The nose brings the same artificial banana note of the classic Jack No. 7, along a hint of caramel and a touch of vanilla and a whiff of oak.

On the palate, Gentleman Jack feels thin lacking in body. Flavor is high in corn up-front, followed by vanilla and caramel. There is some bitterness coming from an oak char note, but nothing too terrible.

The finish is short-lived, with more corn to it, a touch of nutmeg, caramel and oak.

If you have tried the traditional Jack Daniel’s you are going to find the Gentleman Jack to be a refined and polished version.

The peppery and harsh notes have been mellowed out through a double-filtering process using homemade charcoal before bottling; the Old No. 7 is only filtered once.

Gentleman Jack is smooth, not too complex, but plain and watery. An improvement over the No. 7 which is not a major accomplishment as the latter is not that good, to be honest.

Overall, the Gentleman Jack is drinkable on the rocks but does not make a memorable whiskey; there are several good sippers at this price point that you should take in consideration before the GJ.

There are a few things worth knowing about this whiskey:

  • It has no age statement but its around 5 years.
  • Gentleman Jack is filtered through handcrafted charcoal in a process that takes from 3 to 5 days before going through another round.
  • This whiskey comes from a mash bill of 80% corn, 8% rye, and 12% malted barley; it’s the same mash bill as the No. 7.

Uncle Nearest 1856

NoseCaramel, roasted nuts
PalateCorn, pepper spice, vanilla, almond, oak
FinishCorn, nutmeg, caramel, oak
Alcohol content100 proof (50% ABV)
How to drinkAdd water
Similar toUncle Nearest 1884, Buffalo Trace

The nose brings caramel sweetness, along a nice roasted nuts hint making it quite alluring.

On the palate, Uncle Nearest has a decent body. Flavor hits you with some peppery spice up-front, yet becomes sweet as you let it develop.

Flavor brings notes of corn, vanilla, caramel and almond with just a bit of oak char bitterness.

The finish has a medium to long length, with an ashy/earthy note to it but is mostly sweet leaving a caramel aftertaste.

Uncle Nearest has some warmth, but nothing too severe. A drop or two of water is enough to tune the heat while releasing a bit more of caramel and oak making it more enjoyable.

This is a solid whiskey with a nice blend of peppery spice and sweet corn notes. Neither earth-shattering nor mind blowing but drinks nicely and has a cool backstory to share over drinks.

Uncle Nearest is named in honor of Nathan “Nearest” Green, a former slave who taught Jack Daniel how to distill.

There are a few facts worth knowing about the Uncle Nearest:

  • Mashbill is undisclosed.
  • According to the company’s website it is aged for around 7 years.
  • This whiskey is sourced from various distilleries in the state of Tennessee.
  • Uncle Nearest was launched in 2017 and is owned by Fawn Weaver.

What do Gentleman Jack and Uncle Nearest have in common?

These are not bourbons but Tennessee Whiskeys

Both whiskeys use the Lincoln County Process process of filtering through sugar maple charcoal prior to barreling.

Gentleman Jack vs Uncle Nearest: Price comparison

Prices are approximate and stated in USD:

Gentleman Jack$35
Uncle Nearest$60

Gentleman Jack vs Uncle Nearest: Which is better?

Uncle Nearest is a better tasting bourbon than the GJ

WhiskeyGentleman JackUncle Nearest
  • Uncle Nearest has many tasting notes in common with the Gentleman Jack, but the latter is bottled at a mere 80 proof making it thin, watered-down and weak.
  • Uncle Nearest is a tasty offering, with some heat to it, but still smooth and can easily be tamed with a bit of water, making a more rewarding pour than the Gentleman Jack.
  • A bit pricey, though, but still within reasonable limits.

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